January 11th 2024

PR passed away peacefully on January 8th 2024 at his home. I'll try and keep the site itself up as long as I can as a historical artifact and documentation of Robert's collection. As for the music itself, I'm exploring ways to keep this online as well without relying on cloud providers. Any ideas are welcome.



Hello from Belgrade!

20 years ago all this started as PR TORRENTS, changed many shapes and finally reached ill-fated PR FORUM. Now, new era is about to begin with HIGHWAY PR REVISITED, giving the opportunity for everyone to grab any music from PR collection for free, no strings attached - no ratio, no donations, no membership.

On March 15, 2023 MEGA suspended the account and deleted a good deal of files claiming that there were copyright infringements, although there were not one official release posted, as you know.

Right now I am working on bringing everything back as before, but not with MEGA links. It will take some time but as soon as something would become available you would see the thumbnail picture at the same place as before and all links behind it.

The music here is free, leave it like that, share for free!

THE ARTISTS (click on the photo and see the list with links):