Hello from Belgrade!

This is homepage of Robert Nemeček, alias Pink Robert, CDR / tape / DVD-R collector from Belgrade, Serbia, who entered The Net in April 1997 and did thousands of trades with many wonderful people and just a few not so wonderful.

I AM OUT OF THE TRADES, please don't ask!

Everything here is free, leave it like that, share for free!

Wise man once said:
If you can't give the people what they want - the people will find their own ways of getting it

I am the collector and I don't own any copyrights over these recordings, same as no one else because these are unofficial recordings and represents the legacy of the most talented artists of the last century. This way these recordings are yours as much as they are mine and you are encouraged to share them with anyone that would appreciate this music. If you choose to share it over other music sites, you are welcomed and I don't ask anything in return. If you choose to mention my name as the source - fine, if not, it is still OK by me.
Under any circumstainces do not even consider making any money out of this, ever!


The good news is that PR Forum is back with all-new working links!
The address is still the same: http://forum.pinkrobert.net

Just a bit of history: Without any prior notice, at the end of last year HotFile started deleting the files that were uploaded at PR FORUM, although none of the files had anything to do with pressumed copyright breach. I decided not to try to enter any futile discussions with HotFile, so all HotFile files were deleted and gone for good.

I am positive that the best choice to get along was MEGA, the successor of MegaUpload and, if you would want to continue using PR Forum, you need to open free account at MEGA at this address: http://mega.co.nz
I strongly recommend using Google Chrome or JDownloader, because you may have the problems with other downloaders.
I pay the hosting at MEGA and I will not get a penny out of all this, which is OK to me, but it would not be fair if someone else would.

Be well and see you at The Forum.

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Jethro TullCSNYBruce SpringsteenThe ByrdsWarren ZevonBob Dylan

FreeProcol HarumMountainLed ZeppelinJeff BeckJimi HendrixPink FloydThe Rolling StonesThe BeatlesDonovanIncredible String BandFairport ConventionTraffic













My lifetime gratitude goes to all beautiful people I have traded with from: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Urugvay, and, of course, USA.

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